Paint the Highland Tunnel

The City of Redmond had a problem:

How could they connect the hugely popular paved Dry Canyon Trail – which ran from the sewage treatment plant in the North, to Highland Ave. in the central canyon – with the new trail section which would proceed to the park’s southern boundary?  Thanks to a federal-state grant, they solved that problem with the tunnel which took the trail under Highland Ave.  Trail users loved it, but a new problem emerged.  Graffiti artists loved decorating it and city parks employees had a never ending job of erasing guerrilla art from its walls.

The Solution:

Enter the Chamber of Commerce’s Leadership Redmond 2013 group.  Their solution was to enlist faculty and students from the Redmond Proficiency Academy to create the art.  RPF signed on as the fiscal sponsor, local businesses made generous donations, and two things happened.  First, the colorful mural was painted which remains in the tunnel to this day providing aesthetic relief for a dreary passage.  Second, graffiti went away.

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